Become a Partner

Be a key player in the Edge Applications Ecosystem

Do you want to contribute to the education of the market?
Do you want to be a part of the community driving the ecosystem?
Do you want to get feedback from early adopters?

Benefits for Partners

  • Access to 300 selected & qualified early adopters
  • Drive market formation and influence as a trusted educator and thought leader
  • Real time insights on how your products and services can be used at the edge
  • Accelerate sales cycle
  • Grow ecosystem of your customers, partners and developers, increase visibility of your brand/product/services

Partner Engagement

  • At least one class led by sponsor (number dependent on packages)
  • Deep dive engagement (one hour session…) with the attendees around specific business problems and use cases
  • Office hours
  • Content distribution through Topio Business Insight Platform
  • Collaborative work with attendees around a specific project

Introducing the Topio Networks Academy

  • Recognized need to educate the market on Edge Ecosystem (from Q3) and Intelligent Infrastructure (from Q4).
  • Coordinated effort from the entire ecosystem, from individual market leaders, industry associations and technology partners
  • Led by Topio, a market leader with its platform and its network to organize and provide the framework for an all-encompassing effort


  • Either employed or working on a project related to Edge Computing
  • Business and Technology profiles
  • 300 per cohort

End User

  • CDO,  data wranglers ..
  • VP Technology, VP R&D
  • VP Innovation/Emerging
  • Chief / Senior Architect
  • Line of Business Operations (manufacturing, store, hospitals..)


  • CEO/COO/President
  • Software Strategy & Planning Chief and Senior Architect
  • Director of Product Management
  • VP Global Business and Corp Dev
  • CTO. Office Of CTO, VP Technology
  • Global Edge Computing Product & Strategy Edge Computing Lead

An Ecosystem Collaboration

We Orchestrate the Ecosystem to Accelerate the Market

  • Experts and technology specialists
  • Industry associations and consortia
  • Tech companies and partners
  • Research analysts
  • Academia

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