About Topio Networks Academy

Welcome to Topio Networks Academy

A Brand New approach to market education

Recognized need to educate the market on emerging ecosystems of innovation.

Coordinated effort from the entire ecosystem, from individual leaders, industry associations and technology partners.

Led by Topio Networks, a market leader with its platform and its network to organize and provide the framework for an all-encompassing effort.

Our Programs are designed around dynamic ecosystems of innovation

Foundation course (How to navigate the ecosystem) 

Core course (Global understanding of the ecosystem)

Specialization courses:

    • Focusing on specific parts of the ecosystem (Tech Track)
    • Focusing on value creation (Business Track)
    • Focusing on end user experience (Technology / Service Track)
    • Focusing on start-ups (Innovation track)

Vertical Insights (The ecosystem, from an economic sector perspective)

Collaborative Team Projects on a selected issues of interest

Our Leadership Team

Philippe Cases
President and CEO of Topio Networks
Gavin Whitechurch
COO, Topio Networks
Pierre Dreux
Dean of the Topio Networks Academy
Greg Cosso
Co-Founder, Topio Networks

Topio Networks is an Industry Catalyst dedicated to digitalization of the Industry

We promote the understanding of innovation, build relevant communities, and work collaboratively with the ecosystems to solve business and technology problems while promoting responsible and sustainable innovation.

Business insights platform tracking more than 60,000 keywords daily in digitalization

Business community of 1,200,000 focused on digital transformation

Recognized expert in early market ecosystem development and community management

Organizer of Edge Computing World and Intelligent Infrastructure conferences

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