James Thomason

About: James Thomason

  • Role : Co-Founder, Stealth Mode Startup Company
  • Website : https://www.linkedin.com/in/jthomason/
  • Experience : CTO & Co-Founder, EDJX
  • Specialist in : UX design, software engineering, machine learning, NLP, automation, cloud computing, IoT, and hyperscale data center infrastructure.
Course List
Course Name Class Name Date
Specialist - Operating the Edge IT/OT
Specialist - Building the Edge Serverless vs distributed cloud

James is the CTO and Co-Founder of EDJX, the intelligent edge computing platform for real-time IoT, M2M, and mobile apps. His diverse technology expertise includes distributed systems, large-scale infrastructures, and IoT. Previously, James was the CTO of Dell Cloud Marketplace and Dell Active System Manager. A Silicon Valley entrepreneur for over 20 years, James has served in technical, product, and executive leadership roles at over a dozen startups.