Chuck Byers

About: Chuck Byers

  • Role : CTO - Industrial Internet Consortium
  • Website :
  • Experience : Chief Technology Officer, Valqari
  • Specialist in : Telecommunications networks, Internet of Things, IoT, Robotics, Drones
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Specialist - Building the Edge The different types of Edge

Chuck is Associate Chief Technology Officer of the Industrial Internet Consortium, now incorporating OpenFog. He works on the architecture and implementation of edge-fog computing systems, common platforms, media processing systems, and the Internet of Things. Previously, he was a Principal Engineer and Platform Architect with Cisco, and a Bell Labs Fellow at Alcatel-Lucent. During his three decades in the telecommunications networking industry, he has made significant contributions in areas including voice switching, broadband access, converged networks, VoIP, multimedia, video, modular platforms, edge-fog computing and IoT.