Sastry Malladi 

About: Sastry Malladi 

  • Role : Vice President, Johnson Controls
  • Website :
  • Experience : CTO, co-founder, FogHorn
  • Specialist in : Designing and building scalable e-commerce sites and applications

Sastry is currently Vice President of Open Blue Solutions AI organization responsible for the Edge strategy/development and AI capabilities. Sastry joined JCI through FogHorn acquisition, where Sastry was co-founder and CTO. Sastry built the Engineering/Product/Technology organization from scratch at FogHorn and was responsible for the product strategy, development and customer engagement and shared many corporate responsibilities with the CEO. Sastry is a results driven technology executive with deep technology and management experience of over three decades. His areas of expertise include developing, leading and architecting various highly scalable and distributed systems, in the areas of AI, Edge Computing, Industrial IoT, Cloud Computing, Big Data, SOA, Micro Services Architecture to name a few.