Application Process – 2023 Cohort

Our Selection Process

Step 1: Fill out the Application
Step 2: Evaluation of Applications by the Academy
Step 3: Potential interview with applicant
Step 4: Scholarship opportunity analysis for eligible applicants
Step 5: Application decision (next business day)

Key Dates

Edge Applications Program Start Date: 05/30
Edge Applications Program Graduation: 09/07

Standard Application

Program Tuition: $1,999 $1799 USD

Telcos, Cloud Providers, Edge Platform Providers and IOT/Embedded Companies and other Edge Ecosystem players can participate in the program through a standard application.

Scholarship Application

Scholarships are available for end-users and ISVs. Applicants must demonstrate genuine interest in implementing Edge Computing.

End-Users include Retailers, Hospitality Providers, Manufacturers, Healthcare, Government, Infrastructure, and Agriculture. Any verticals will be considered, except for Tech and Telcos.

ISVs are developers for applications for the verticals above.