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Learn how to ideate, conceive and develop successful Edge Applications

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Hyperconvergence and distributed cloud computing enable the creation of local dedicated platforms to a factory, store, a house… In addition, IOT devices will be connected to the IT infrastructure through those hyper-converged platforms or directly created to the cloud offering a breadth of new data that can be mined by algorithms which can run everywhere on the infrastructure to provide an additional layer of situational and contextual awareness.

This creates new use cases and usages built on this new information and this will create another disruption in most industries where products, ecosystems, and physical, digital or Omni spaces become software-defined and can start interacting locally with humans and systems to provide additional value to the consumer or users of those products.

The applications have become more complex, managing more complex and larger systems, delivering critical data, creating clusters of intelligent objects acting locally. The next step is the integration of the applications in one structured approach where tech and business are closely partnering to deliver real time, scalable, costless and efficient applications to local users. New kind of applications are needed to create and access data locally to allow real time decisions.

What you will get out of the Edge Applications Program

The most advanced thinking in Edge Computing from thought leaders
Follow a structured curriculum designed and delivered by the top experts in the ecosystem to understand the opportunities provided by this disruptive emerging group of technologies.

Advanced knowledge of use cases and solutions
Access the largest library of cases, technology developments, information, and dynamic insights in the Edge Applications Ecosystem.

An extended support network
Create lifelong relationships with seasoned experts, developers of technologies and practitioners in the nascent Edge Applications market.

Edge Applications Curriculum

May 30 to September 7, 2023

Online – Synchronous Classes

2 to 3 hours embedded in your weekly workflow

Classes held between 8AM and 10AM Pacific

Core Course

8 Classes

Vertical Insights

8 Classes (Select 2 Classes)

Specialized Courses

5 Courses of 5 Classes (Select 2 Courses)

Our Lecturers

Cameron Turner  
Vice President Data Science, Kin + Carta
Carol McCall, FSA, MAAA, MPH
Chief Health Analytics Officer,
Chuck Byers
CTO - Industrial Internet Consortium
Frédéric Desbiens
IoT and Edge Computing, Eclipse Foundation
Helen Armstrong  
Professor of Graphic Design, NC State U
Jody Ranck  
Director, Topio Networks
Meryem Simsek
Nokia Bell Labs, Head of Network Architecture Research Lab
Valmiki Mukherjee
CEO & Founder, Cybrize